Basia Coulter

Strategy for Digital Experience



User story map

Product discovery is a foundation of product success. While a number of methods and activities can be employed in the process, a discovery workshop is a useful format to bring together stakeholders and product teams, and to build a shared understanding around problems to be solved, success metrics, target user/customer segments, and potential solutions.

Participants come our of the workshop with a strategic roadmap and a clear set of tactical next steps to be taken on a path to a successful digital transformation.


A user journey map

Understanding the needs and mental models of the user/customer segments is the necessary foundation for identifying strategy and transforming user/customer experience.

I gather, analyze, and synthesize information from conversations with stakeholders and users/customers, competitive landscape reviews, content audits, and discovery workshops to guide stakeholders and teams in developing strategies that bring about market relevance and create value across channels and touchpoints.

Information Architecture

Popular placement matrix from a card sorting study

Establishing information architecture at the onset of a project helps product teams create scalable systems. Keeping in mind end users’ mental models helps design and build products that are easy to use and that support customer retention.

I construct systems' information architecture in an iterative process of testing and refining. Through card sorting, treejack testing, first-click testing, and in-person usability testing, I arrive at taxonomies and information architecture that support user goals and outcomes.

Thought Leadership

Talk and hands-on activity on user story mapping for ExploreUX, Raleigh. Photo credit: Michelle Chin

Championing user/customer centered approach to software design and development by encouraging conversations about user/customer contexts and omnichannel experience, I participate in local and nationwide communities.